Obamacare Not Business Friendly

By ConcernedConservative on August 27, 2009
Crazy Laws

A new study by economist Mark Wilson suggests that Obamacare could hurt employment. The play-or-pay mandate, as it is called, requires businesses to offer health insurance to their workers or face federal fines. The study finds that 5.2 million people would become unemployed or underemployed as a result. Another 10.2 million will face stunted wages and loss of benefits as their employers would struggle to fund the mandates. Typical liberal hogwash…make those with money pay for the services used by those without money.

I am sick and tired of the crapshoot the liberals are trying to create out of healthcare. Medicare is bankrupt; the government clearly has no business running a public health insurance option. The government can’t run a bank, a car company, a health insurance provider or anything else. Heck, the government is absolutely awful at running the government!

Why would anyone put their faith in our crazy government to run any part of healthcare in this country? Why does Obama keep reassuring me that his new bill won’t affect me? It certainly will when private insurance companies cannot compete with the government. When they all start to tank and we all have to go tot he public option, Obama, in his messianic benevolence, will demand that we create a universal, socialized healthcare system for all of us. You know, like that great system they have in Great Britain.

Only a fool couldn’t see where this is going. Obama and his liberal cronies are leading this country to socialism, plain and simple. Buying banks, buying GM, running a public option…it’s pretty clear at this point. On top of it all, Attorney General Eric Holder thinks we don’t have the right to bear arms unless in the militia. I bet the liberals would love that- an unarmed, brainwashed mob of suppressed Americans who are equal in all things. You think I’m joking? Then you don’t know the left wing nut jobs running this country and what they are hell bent on accomplishing. Just wait and see…

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