Obamacare on the Rampage

By ConcernedConservative on March 22, 2010
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I recognize that too few Americans have full access to health care. However, Democrats are rushing through this.

Health Care reform has the potential to become one of those federal decisions in our nation’s history that strays from American ideals (like Roosevelt’s New Deals). Many are comparing it to Roe v. Wade. The two are as similar as they are different.

Obama was looking for a bi-partisan solution to our current health care situation. Bi-partisan support is the only way to make significant alterations in federal policy like this.

Roe v. Wade and ObamacareUltimately, that was just a show. Ultimately, the only bi-partisan aspect of the health care bill that made it’s way through the House this weekend was the group that voted ‘Nay’.

In contrast, every single representative on the consenting end was a Democrat. Why are Democrats so keen to sprint through something that needs careful deliberation?

The answer is simple: Congress is about to head home for this year, and next year Democrats be focusing all their attention to their own re-election instead of on crucial legislation that will change the social face of our nation.

These selfish officials, elected to serve their constituents, are more deeply concerned with saving their own careers than they are with the present and future condition of our nation.

Imagine George Washington’s response to these self-serving scoundrels. What would John Adams, Roger Sherman, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison say to these deserters?

According to, Kimberley Strassel, a Wall Street Journal editorial columnist, getting the bill to pass took the same underhanded politics Obama promised wouldn’t be a part of his presidency. “It was dirty deals, open threats, broken promises and disregard for democracy that pulled ObamaCare to this point, and [Sunday] the same machinations pushed it across the finish line,” she writes.

In an effort to sway wavering Democrats, President Obama flew to Pennsylvania (home to five uncertain House Democrats), Missouri (three uncertain), Ohio (eight), and Virginia (four) to hold rallies with small, supportive crowds. In four days, Obama held 64 meetings or calls with congressmen.

The goal was to let undecideds know that the president had them in his crosshairs, that he still had pull with the base, and he’d use it against them. By Saturday the tactic had yielded yes votes from at least half the previously undecided members of those states.

Yes, we see this as bad policy enacted by antidemocratic means. That’s because it is. “Deem and Pass” is not the way legislation in our country works.

Find out how your representative voted.

Find out how this bill would affect you if passed.

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2 Responses to “Obamacare on the Rampage”

  1. Train the Trainer Says:
    March 23rd, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    At least we still have the Supreme Court to clean up this mess, and if that doesn’t work we can vote on it as the people, right?

  2. Concerned Conservative Says:
    April 9th, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Supreme Court, yes. Well, at least yes until President Obama gets to start filling vacant seats like Justice John Paul Stevens’ soon to be empty chair (he’s retiring). We all saw what Obama did with his cabinet…