The Simple Solution to Healthcare

By ConcernedConservative on September 9, 2009
Crazy Laws

Why on earth is this so complicated? Do we need a 1,000 page bill to fix healthcare? NO! We don’t need stupid lobbyists and other extremists writing bills. That’s what we pay Congress to do. This is not that difficult. Identify the problem. Identify the source of the problem. Fix the source and you fix the problem!

What is the problem with healthcare? It costs too much and not everyone has it. Ok, why does it cost so much? Because the health insurance companies have been given free reign to do as they please. Doctors run billions of tests to do everything possible to avoid those malpractice lawsuits. Not everyone has insurance. Ok, how many don’t? Why don’t they? Is it because they are young and just don’t want it? Is it because they are illegally in this country? Is it because they can’t afford it?

Seems like an easy fix to me. Change the law regarding malpractice lawsuits so that doctors don’t have to jump through millions of hoops to diagnose a cough. They won’t give you 10 x-rays and MRIs just to be safe anymore. That lowers costs. Next, let insurance companies compete! You can’t get health insurance out of state right now like you can auto insurance. Imagine if only residents of Maryland could use Geico! Sounds laughable, but that’s how health insurance works. Lift that ban and let companies compete nationally.

That will drive down costs in two ways. First, you have many more companies competing, and we all know capitalism works at its finest when businesses compete. Second, with a lot more customers, insurance companies pool their risk into much larger groups, meaning they can take on more people for less because they statistically know that a certain percentage will never file a catastrophic claim.

Problem two, access to healthcare. Well, if they don’t buy it because they don’t want it, that’s their problem. If they don’t have it because they illegally live here, then they should leave. If they don’t have it because they can’t afford it, making the above changes makes it much more affordable. But what about those who have pre-existing conditions, like pregnancy or terminal cancer? Insurance companies don’t want to insure someone they know will cost a lot of money ahead of time.

That’s the compromise. Let the liberals have that one. Force insurance companies to insure anyone and everyone who applies. Failure to do so results in a fine. Just the way the liberals love it.

Does any of this require government intervention? Does any of it involve a public option? Does it involve raising taxes? NO, NO and NO! Why won’t those left wing lunatics just do what is so obvious? Is there a hidden agenda? The answer is a resounding yes.

With so simple a solution to healthcare, one must wonder why Congress doesn’t even bring it up. Conservatives do, but conservatives are not the majority in Congress. What is the real agenda here? Why the need for taxes and a public option? One reason- socialism. Liberals want nothing more than to have government control more and more of our lives. And guess what? They’re the ones in power, so if government is controlling more aspects of our lives, then LIBERALS are controlling more aspects of our lives. Isn’t it reassuring to think Nancy Pelosi is making decisions about your life for you?

We say enough government intervention already! Do what needs to be done and move on. This should be so obvious. Congress seems smart neough to recognize the BCS is violating anti-trust laws, why can’t they see the even more obvious solutions to healthcare?

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