Welcome to Our Crazy Government!

By ConcernedConservative on August 20, 2009

“Feeling stupid? I know I am!”
-Secret Congressional Motto

No word strikes greater fear in my heart than ‘government.’ You may have heard the story of a guy named Midas. He had a pretty cool blessing/curse bestowed upon him. Everything he touched turned to gold. Hence, people like Mitt Romney and others are said to posses the “Midas Touch.” Now, think of the exact opposite of that…you’ve got our crazy government. Everything they touch turns to rotten, putrid filth. The government could take over a landfill and still find a way to make it filthier.

Now the government is going too far. With Obama in office and liberal Democrats ruining, I mean running, this country, they are trying to do too much. No one is taking away my guns, ruining, I mean running, healthcare, raising my taxes or bailing out anyone else. Our crazy government has overstepped their constitutional bounds and its time to stop.

This blog will be devoted to exposing the frauds, liars and cheats who are ruining, er, I mean, running, this country. Democrat, Republican, LIbertarian, Independent…it’s all the same. Politicians simply cannot be trusted. We will explain why conservative thinking and conservative policies can get us back on track. We will tell you every time we catch a politician lie to you, steal from you, or wrong you in any way. Our crazy government needs some political watchdogs, and here we are.

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