Wilson to Obama: “You lie!”

By ConcernedConservative on September 11, 2009
Crazy Laws

It has now been plastered all over the media. During Obama’s speech to Congress, Rep. Joe Wilson (R)-SC, yelled “you lie!” at Obama. So who is the crazy one? We wanted to find out, and guess what we found? The erratic, jeering shout from the Congressman was not the lie here, it was the smooth talking, always eloquent Barack Hussein Obama. He said they are going to come down hard on those who lie about his proposal? Oh yeah? So what is he going to do to himself after lying to the American people with a straight face?

Mr. Wilson made his remark on the heels of Obama’s claim that no federal dollars would fund abortions and no illegal immigrants would receive tax payer money for their healthcare. Really? What bill was he talking about? It just so happens that only one month ago, Republicans TRIED to get two ammendments into the bill- one to prohibit federal tax dollars from funding abortions, and one to prohibit illegals from obtaining tax payer dollars to fund their healthcare. Guess who voted BOTH of them down? You got it, idiotic, stupid, comminazi, liberal Democrats.

So why is Obama so reassuring about this? The bills right now all have language to allow for both things he said are not allowed. Is he going to rewrite the bill? Will the White House write its own legislation on that one and have these items covered? Because it sure as heck isn’t the case right now.

How about another lie from this moron about this crazy law? He said he is sick of people saying the bill will create government workers who are going to kill off the elderly. What the insane?!?!?! Who on earth is saying that? Great Straw Man Mr. President, create a fictitious argument and slay it with the sword of truth and candor. Well done.

The truth is, the bill has a clause that requires, even pays, doctors to perform “end of life counseling” every five years or after any major medical procedure for those over the age of 55 or 65 or something. So when Obama stood there and boldly defeated an invented argument, why didn’t he use the chance to simply explain what “end of life counseling” actually means? Because it sounds to me that you are paying doctors to discuss life ending treatments. People should use their faith leader and family to make those decisions, not a paid doctor.

More crazy crap from crazy Obama. I applaud Joe Wilson for speaking his mind, even if it wasn’t tactful. Now Obama got a small taste of what a townhall might feel like if the media wasn’t wrapped around his little finger.

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