The Truth About Unemployment

By ConcernedConservative on December 4, 2009

Obama has just launched his “job tour” and on Friday when the official unemployment rates were released he seized the opportunity to find the success in the numbers.

President Obama stood in front of Pennsylvania audience Friday to accentuate the .2% decrease in unemployment. What a slap in the face to the 41,000 individuals unemployed in the region he was speaking to.

Our president forgot to mention that once an unemployed individual gives up on looking for work they are no longer included in the unemployment rate. Having said that, it is very interesting to note that the participation rate, which includes the individuals that are currently working or looking for work fell to 65%.

This participation rate is the lowest we have seen since the beginning of the recession. Our labor force, the number of people employed or actively looking for a job, fell by 100,000 individuals.

Obviously if people have given up in the job hunt and the number of people that are counted as unemployed is decreasing we will see a decrease in our unemployment rate. This does not mean that those individuals are now employed.

Is it too much to ask of our President to be honest with the statistics that are presented? Will Obama ever inform the citizens and genuinely try to help us, or will he continue to jam pack his messages with his attempts to save face?

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