2010 State of the Union Address is Fast Coming… and Predictable?

By ConcernedConservative on January 27, 2010

It is easy to guess the things that President Obama will address in his State of the Union Address tonight. They are those same things he has failed to communicate with us since he started acting as president in 2009. The first of these being the economy.

He will certainly talk about the middle class and the strain that they are under. He will reassert his efforts to champion those down-trodden victims of the economic downturn. The subject matter will definitely include his support of social programs that benefit the suffering middle class, i.e. student grants, job creation, and 401Ks.

Fiscal responsibility will surely be addressed. America is tired of the government’s capricious financial decisions. We want stability. And not just the promise of stability, but a legitimate and attainable plan for regaining the sturdy and sure financial situation of our founding fathers.

Recollecting the fervor that Obama brought with him from his campaign into the infancy of his presidency, I note that little fire remains. This speech either needs to wow America, or Obama’s presidency will be considered now and remembered later as an undefined flop. There are many promises yet to be fulfilled.

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