Give Responsibility to the States, Obama

By ConcernedConservative on March 11, 2010

Some may say that President Barack Obama is a pushover, jerked around by his own party’s liberals, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Chinese. That’s because he is.

On healthcare reforms and Obama’s plan of action, I think even he is a little confused. Healthcare for an entire nation is complicated. Especially because we’re not starting from scratch.

Mitt RomneyOne of the biggest problems is that people are expecting to be handed their healthcare. What about the rest of us that work for it? There needs to be balance.

Insurance company executives blame pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, medical device companies and other medical service providers for driving their costs upward. We are a a nation with a capitalist economy; it happens. With the natural cycle of the economy, prices will come back down in time.

For a faster solution though, I say leave it to the states to decide on the best healthcare plan for their poor and uninsured.

Former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, asserts that President Obama’s policies have extended and deepened the recession and that Obama’s healthcare plan ‘makes no sense at all.’

While Massachusetts governor, Romney put in place healthcare reform that has provided all state residents with healthcare insurance. That plan has some similarities with President Obama’s healthcare plan, “but some very big differences,” he says.

He points out that Massachusetts did not raise taxes to pay for the plan, while Obama’s plan would. Obama would cut Medicare, while Massachusetts did not. Obama has sought the power to put price controls in place, but Massachusetts did not.

“Ours is a state-based plan,” he says.

“We took responsibility for dealing with an issue and we solved it our own way. States should be allowed to approach their care for the poor in the way they think best, rather than have President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid apply a one-size-fits-all plan for the entire country.

“The way President Obama has gone about it makes no sense at all.”

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