Are Obama Critics Racist?

By ConcernedConservative on September 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter sure thinks so. Talk about one of the most irrelevant people on the planet. What an idiot. Who cares what he thinks anyway. He was a terrible President and is now proving he is a terrible person. But the fact remains, he is not alone in playing the race card. Plenty of other prominent people have loudly said that opposition to Obama is motivated by racism. But I’m here to say it’s not.

Let’s paint a scenario here. Let’s say five job openings occur at different companies in a small town. Each job receives two applicants, one white, one black. Suppose all five jobs went to the five white applicants. I GUARANTEE you with 100% positive certainty that those black people, along with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, would scream racism until their lungs gave out and the companies were forced to fire the white employees so that the hate mongers would just shut up.

Now suppose the five jobs went to all five black applicants. Is this racism? Were the white people not hated on because of their skin color? Or maybe, just maybe, could it possibly be, that the five black applicants were just more qualified than the white ones? Why is it that any time black people don’t get what they want, they immediately attribute it to racism?

Oh boo hoo, people hate Obama’s liberal policies. That has nothing to do with his race, nothing. I would even go so far as to say that if he were white, it would be much worse. Obama received about 98% of the black vote in the election, far more than any Democrat before him. So is race really an issue to white people, or is it a factor to black people? The numbers speak for themselves. If Obama were white, he would have had less black support, meaning even more people would be hating his policies right now.

I get sick and tired of this crap. If anyone is going to tell me I’m a racist because I oppose Obama, then I’m calling them a reverse racist on the basis that they only support Obama because of the color of his skin. There, I said it. Black people like Obama because he is black. Period. No candidate has ever gotten such a high percentage of the black vote.

I’m wrong you think? Oh, so you’re saying all those people voted for Obama not because of his skin color but because of his policies? Ok then, if they can support him because of his policies and not his race, then I can oppose him because of his policies and not his race. See how easy it is to keep race out of it? Racism is not alive in America. There are a fringe few who are racist in all communities. Latinos, Asians, Whites, Blacks…all have racist individuals. The country is largely color blind now, so this BS that critics of Obama are racially motivated is a terrible accusation to make.

Let’s not forget that reverse racism is alive and well. Look at Sotomayor’s ruling in the firefighter case. Seems a “wise Latina woman” can’t bring herself to LEGALLY and LAWFULLY support the white folks over her own race. Don’t think she is alone. There are plenty of people who support/discriminate others based on race. But that doesn’t mean they represent a majority of Americans.

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