Arizona Immigration Law Affects Local Officers

By ConcernedConservative on June 4, 2010

For the past several years in Madison, Wisconsin, a sheriff has been reporting non-citizens in his jail to the federal authorities. The City Council in that area have now passed a resolution that would stop him from doing so anymore. The council cannot do anything to enforce it, but wants the sheriff to report non-citizens to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement only for suspects on felony charges.

What started as just a state debate in Arizona has now become a huge national dispute over current immigration laws. I’m not sure why this became an issue to debate over in the first place. Doesn’t the term illegal immigrants mean that they are going against the country’s laws? Aren’t there supposed to be consequences for that?

Plus, I’m not sure that everyone really understands this immigration law in Arizona. Many assume that police can pull over and question anyone who looks like they might be an illegal immigrant. Not true. Police are only going to ask for proper documentation after they have made a “lawful stop, detention or arrest”. There is no problem with this if the police are sure to ask everyone they pull over or arrest to show them the required documents. Why not kill two birds with one stone if the opportunity is there?

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