Buried at Sea

By ConcernedConservative on May 2, 2011

The celebration over the death of Bin Laden has echoed throughout the United States. A man that committed mass atrocities and planned the single greatest terrorist attack on the United States was killed by U.S. Forces.

He was not the only casualty of the attack. A woman was used as a human shield to try to protect Bin Laden from the onslaught. She was killed and another adult male was also killed.

After Bin Laden was killed he was buried at sea. There are many people that have questions about why the military decided to put his body to rest in the ocean. According to Muslim tradition and beliefs a body is to be buried within one day of death.

The military was respectful of the Muslim customs and laid the body to rest in the water to appease these beliefs.

Interestingly, Adolf Hitler’s death was announce don May 1, 1945. Exactly 66 years later Bin Laden’s death was announced in the United States. There are many people that are worried about a retaliation and the CIA made an announcement saying that the terrorists “almost certainly will attempt to avenge” the death of Osama bin Laden.

There have not been any alerts issued by the CIA and there will not be any alerts issued until there is a credible threat.

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