Democrats Ducking Out

By ConcernedConservative on February 12, 2010

Democrats are already starting to opt out. Elections aren’t until November, but many Democrats have caught wind that it’s not going to be pretty when that rolls around.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island becomes the fourth member of the House of Representatives to announce over the past three days that they’ll retire at the end of the year rather than run for re-election.

As things currently  stand, eight House Democrats have announced retirement with another five running for state offices. Now, the Democrats will be defending 13 open seats in the midterm elections. More Democrat vacancies are expected to follow.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy

Rep. Patrick Kennedy

Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee said that many of the House Democratic retirements were occurring in some tough political territory, adding that “the fact of the matter is, Democrats in swing districts are retiring because they know what November has in store for them.”

We all know why things are going down like this; the question is, how are the conservatives going to capitalize on this?

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