Environment vs. Economy

By ConcernedConservative on June 28, 2010

When it comes to going green and conserving the economy, this is very important and something people should be proactive about. Yes, the earth is important and should be preserved, but the earth is also her for people’s use. If people are too afraid to live normally and expand and increase modernization and improve the economy at the expense of the environment, then things are a little backwards. Why would you want to preserve the environment so much that you can’t even live in the world the way you want to!? I’m not saying the extreme is good either. Like all things, there must be balance. But when it comes to saving the environment, I believe some things take more precedence. When automobiles need more gasoline, more oil should be drilled. We should not simply go backwards in life because the ozone may be depleted. We can slow down or be careful and cautious, but all life should not stop simply because there is a possibility of harm. Fear gets people nowhere, but sound reasoning based on true facts are understandable and should be properly dealt with. Assuming humans really are making a huge impact on the quality of the ozone and the environment, then people should follow more sensibly conservation efforts. People can turn off the car when they are parked, instead of letting it run. People can strive to drive at a more uniform pace to decrease the amount of stopping and starting, which can use up more fuel. Other simple conservative efforts people can participate in that will improve the environment, but not really hurt the economy or people’s quality of living so much if at all, include: recycling, no littering, only buying and eating what they need, and using minimal hair spray.

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