Minimizing the Number of Juvenile Incarcerations

By ConcernedConservative on October 5, 2011

On Tuesday an advocacy group released a report that took into account data from the past four decades concerning the number of incarcerated youth in that state.  The report found that as states would remove juveniles from these facilities because of money concerns, the crime rates would not jump.

“Numerous states have closed facilities or lowered correctional populations, reaping significant savings for taxpayers without any measurable increase in youth crime,” said the report.

There are a lot of people that do not realize that each juvenile that is incarcerated will cost taxpayers an average of $88,000 a child.

Because of this crushing cost there have been many different groups that have come forward with alternatives to jailing the children.  There are a lot of different programs out there that have been developed to minimize the recidivism rate of the youth that have found themselves in trouble with the law.

Have a voice with your local jailing system.  Investigate other options that your  community provides and support the option that you feel is most beneficial for the youth and for your community.

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