More Lunacy from the White House

By ConcernedConservative on August 25, 2009

I recall Obama saying something like “I want to look forward, not backward.” But I guess it’s time to go back in time and REPEAT an investigation into the CIA and their interrogation techniques. You heard me right- repeat an investigation. A prosecutor already looked into this and cleared everyone of any illegal activity. Yet liberals and Eric Holder hate Bush and Cheney so much that they have a new (liberal) prosecutor investigating their interrogation techniques…you know, the techniques that gave us valuable information that saved American lives. Holder needs to watch some episodes of 24.

The past season of 24 is an excellent example of why Holder is wrong on this. Jack Bauer, a tried and true counter terrorist agent, uses techniques in his interrogations that he desrcibes as torture. The Senate is trying to prosecute him for his past actions. Yet what they fail to realize is that he had no time, no options, and people were going to die if he did nothing. What would weigh more on your conscience- catering to the “rights” of a terrorist who cares nothing for anyone else’s rights, or protecting the lives of innocent Americans?

Our real life Jack Bauers in the CIA did what they needed to in order to protect this country. Think on this, if you were captured by terrorists who wanted to hurt your friends and family, and they knew you had information that could help them find and hurt those people, would they feed you three meals a day? Would they give you AC in your jail cell? Would they casually ask you where your friends and family could be found?

My guess is no. My guess is also that they wouldn’t threaten you with power drills, fake executing your cell mates or waterboard you either. Oh no, they would do far worse. They would literally attack you with that power drill, execute others in front of your face, and do far worse things than just make you uncomfortable. I want Eric Holder to go to the families of each casualty of 9/11 and tell them to their faces that the CIA mistreated those prisoners. See how enthusiastic they are about that.

This all of course ignores the fact that the President authorized the use of such techniques. These were no roque agents acting maliciously. These were trained interrogators following orders. For following orders and protecting our country they face prosecution charges again? Eric Holder wins today’s vote as crazy politician.

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