New Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan

By ConcernedConservative on May 10, 2010

President Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan for the newly vacant US Supreme Court Justice seat. If (when) confirmed by the Democrat-lead Congress, Kagan will succeed Justice John Paul Stevens who is retiring from service.

90 year old Stevens’ liberal voting record will be continued by this 50 year old woman. Her eventual appointment will make her the fourth female Supreme Court Justice ever and the third female justice in office right now.

The deepest concern we have with Kagan is that SHE HAS NEVER BEEN A JUDGE. No really. Ever. And Obama wants her as a justice for the highest court in our government— the branch of the government that further defines our Constitution.

And Judge Judy has more experience than Ms. Kagan does.

We won’t overlook her years at Harvard, Oxford, and Princeton. Nor will we pass over her time as the first woman Dean of Harvard Law. It’s impressive. But there certainly is something to be said for experience.

We hear she knows the law. If that’s true, it’s much appreciated. However knowing the law and interpreting the law are two very different balls of wax.

And we’re not too sure about her perception as it encompasses of the whole picture.

She attempted to prohibit military recruiters from soliciting students’ service on Harvard’s campus because she’s unhappy with the military’s recruiting practices.

What does this mean about our newest Justice? We’re not sure, but we hope she recognizes the extreme responsibility of the weight she’s about to be given.

We should be extremely careful about our choices in the Supreme Court. It’s decisions can significantly altar the everyday lives of Americans and the future of the country– and even the world. United States Presidents serve four-year terms (and up to eight years if they’re good); justices have tenure for life.

Since this 50 year old’s life will probably last a while, we pray that she does this job for the American people, not as a favor for the Democratic party.

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