Next Governmental Hurdle?

By ConcernedConservative on May 25, 2011

The economy has been bouncing back and forth rapidly over the last couple of months. Slow and methodical progress and recovery has been hampered and marred by market fluctuations regarding various issues. It’s is likely that the government will have to face down one of these hurdle in the coming months, and make a concentrated effort to fix one of these issues.

-Housing. The housing market is in a slump. While that is potentially good news for those looking to get a good price on a home, the current forecast for the market is not favorable regarding the situation. The slump is exacerbated by diminishing confidence from investors overall.

-Banks. While the bailout calmed the banking crisis a couple of years ago, some branches have begun to slump back. Part of the problem is the flaws in the system, while the market fluctuation does more than enough to destabilize rates and banking.

-Oil Prices. While this is the most likely to stabilize due to the investment that big oil companies have in retaining consumers, the price jumps in oil served to turn off many investors over the last couple of months. Confidence has almost completely eroded in this area.

All of these hurdles have the potential to severely destabilize the economy further, causing a ripple effect. Therefore, it is highly important that the government handle all of the situations carefully, and prioritize something in order to give us a sense of hope for recovery.

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