Obama and His Re-election

By ConcernedConservative on April 4, 2011

Well, Obama announced that he wants to go for re-election. It is interesting to see a man that has so drastically stayed from his first platform to now create another platform to run on. Hopefully, Americans will be smarter this time around and will not re-elect a man that cannot keep any of his promises.

Obama choose “hope” as his slogan when he was running last time. He proposed that there was hope for the future and that this hope was a reasonable and an achievable hope.

He said he wanted our troops to come home and that he did not agree with the war. Funny, the war is still going on and our troops are still overseas.

He said that he would not increase the deficit. Funny, the deficit has only increased every year that he has been in office.

There are so many of these lies it is ridiculous. When you go to vote, make sure that you understand what our president is proposing and what he will really do.

Actions speak louder than words. You want to make sure that you investigate this man’s actions for the past presidential term rather than just taking his word for it.

Be smart about your voting for the next president. Let’s get Obama out of office.

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