Obama Jabs at Republicans

By ConcernedConservative on March 8, 2010

“You had 10 years. What happened?” Pres. Obama asked republicans at a rally in Pennsylvania. The Republicans’ response? They say they were busy battling Democrats on issues like the Iraq war and Social Security.

Pres. Obama’s comments frustrated many Republicans who were hoping the president would shift his focus to jobs and who are confused at the comment after Pres. Obama said Republicans brought good ideas to the recent health care summit.

“It’s just challenging to say Republicans have good ideas on health care reform … and then say Republicans don’t do anything on health care,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said. “We’ve been dealing with health care non-stop for a year now and to say no one’s interested in it is a hell of a stretch.”

Conservatives are becoming more and more angered over Pres. Obama’s handling of health care reform. At the president’s own invitation, Republicans have brought their own reform plan to the table, stating they had plans to reform health care without adding more government. However,  the president has not, as of yet, shown signs of interest in the plan. In fact, he told Republicans “to do a little soul searching” about health care.

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