Obama’s (non)impact in New Jersey and Virginia elections

By ConcernedConservative on November 5, 2009

Virginia and New Jersey’s gubernatorial elections have certainly brought concerns for the Democratic party to the forefront.  The Republicans are having a party with the defeat of heavily Obama-endorsed candidates Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine for governor in New Jersey and Virginia at the hands of Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie.  Here are the exit poll stats from ABC News:

Twenty-four percent in Virginia said they’d cast their vote in part to show opposition to Obama, 17 percent to support him – a 7-point negative gap, although most, 56 percent, said he was not a factor in their vote. In New Jersey it was an even split: Nineteen percent said they cast their vote in part to express support for the president, an identical 19 percent to show opposition to him, while 60 percent said he wasn’t a factor.]

Hmm, it would appear that voters were not awed by Obama’s star power.  In fact, I would venture to say that those who did show opposition to Obama’s multiple appearances on the campaign trails were commenting on the misused time on Obama’s part.  Obama’s got a deadline to keep with this healthcare business!  He should be focusing on fulfilling the role he was elected for, (at least by the Democrats, I mean, no skin off our nose if he doesn’t!), not appearing on fellow Democrats’ campaigns.  Maybe Obama should get out more often to endorse candidates if they end up like this!

Another interesting theory that is circling out there, is that voters have not been pleased with the lack of useful change in the current administration.  Look at that Democrats, maybe change will come from the Republican Party, not those brilliant bailouts and increased spending!

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