President Held Accountable by the People to the People

By ConcernedConservative on February 2, 2010

During the past six days,  55,340 people asked 11,695 questions to President Barack Obama on YouTube. Voters then cast 643,507 votes to determine the top questions YouTube asked Obama Monday at the White House in an unprecedented live interview streamed on

President Obama had no idea what he’ll be asked (well, sort of. Obviously we all had a long list of unanswered questions after last week). I imagine that had he addressed real issues during last week’s State of the Union Address, he wouldn’t have had reason to be nervous.

  • “Why are the health care meetings, procedures, etc not on CSPAN as promised?” – Mr. Anderson, Texas
  • “How do you expect the people of this country to trust you when you have repeatedly broken promises that were made on the campaign trail. Most recently, the promise to have a transparent healthcare debate…” – Warren Hunter, Brooklyn

Sure, there were a few frivolous and personal questions, but YouTube viewers, like the rest of America, had a few questions for our commander in chief.  Steve Grove, who heads News and Politics on YouTube, notes that new mediums like the online video site promise to improve the “transparency and direct access” to politics.

The “pulse” of the nation can be revealed in this type of open question-answer session– we can now respond directly to the President’s televised speech of last week. This development in communication between the President and the People cannot be anything but beneficial.

New mediums seek to keep the government for the people by the people

New mediums seek to keep the government for the people by the people.

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