Reid Needs to Apologize

By ConcernedConservative on December 8, 2009

We all know that liberals love playing the race card, the minority card or the oppressed card whenever they have no solid arguments.  Senator Reid is no exception to this rule.

While Senator Reid was speaking on the Senate floor Monday attempting to push the Health Care Reform Bill he ran out of logical arguments and chose to result to arguments based on Americans inherent feelings of justice.

Granted, his argument was completely illogical and offensive to many.

He said that the Republicans that are digging their heels in against this Health Care Reform are just like the people that protested women’s rights, equal civil rights and ending slavery. 

The audacity of that man! To compare a health care bill to these poignant issues in America’s past.

Luckily, Reid’s comment did not go unnoticed.  Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele, called it an “ignorant mark” and the GOP has asked for an apology to be issued.

But seriously, Harry Reid Apologize!? No way. 

He argues that the retaliation that has come as a result of his comment only proves his point further. 

Hopefully Senator Reid will feel the repercussions of his actions this coming election, and the people of Nevada will vote him out of his office.

The majority of Nevada is opposed to the Health Care Bill! So essentially Harry Reid was saying those awful things about his own constituents, the people that voted him into his office.

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