Republicans turning to independent conservatives in NY

By ConcernedConservative on November 2, 2009

New York’s 23rd District has sent Republicans to the House for almost 30 years. But now that their representative has been named the secretary of the army, the special election to replace him is raising eyebrows.

The Candidates:

Democrat: Bill Owens

Republican: Dede Scozzafava who supports abortion and gay marriage

Independent Conservative: Doug Hoffman who has been endorsed by Palin and other high ranking conservatives.

Republicans are expressing their opinions of Scozzafava as the candidate, claiming that she’s too liberal. In fact, this summer, her husband approached the Democratic party about the possibility of having her run as a Democrat.

It is one thing to support middle of the road candidates to receive more votes, but a “middle of the road” candidate like this isn’t the kind of vote we want. I applaud the decision many New Yorkers are making to support Hoffman. It is time the GOP be reminded that we stand behind our values. It is more important for traditional conservatives, such as Republicans, stick to their guns than winning one vote.

Admittedly, more people are identifying themselves as independent, but the point of the party is not to evolve to win the elections, but to evolve to satisfy the members of the party. Changing the planks, even for one election is a dangerous idea.

Seriously, if she was considering running as a Democrat, by what logic should we support her as a Republican?
Newt Gingrich, maybe it is time for you to become reacquainted with the goals of the Republican party, instead of the Democrats’!

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