State of the Union

By ConcernedConservative on January 26, 2010

Wednesday, January 27 at 9pm ET President Barack Obama will give his first State of the Union Address in a joint session of Congress. His speech will be aired on all major networks, so don’t miss out. 

There haev been whispers about our President talking bout the “dont’ ask don’t tell policy”.  Can you imagine? Our President needs to address one thing, and one thing only OUR ECONMY!  Americans need to know what the President is going to do for the economy. 

Hopefully he will also address all of the promises that have not been fulfilled since the speech he gave a joint session of Congress a month after taking office in 2009.

Listen carefully and be observant as you listen to our President speak.  Hopefully, he will surprise us and discuss matters that matter to the United States as a whole.

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