Talk is Cheap

By ConcernedConservative on January 28, 2011

We all knew that the President was a great public speaker. Sure enough, when he got up to give his State of the Union address he had no problem delivering an eloquent and shiny speech to the citizens.

He talked about an array of subjects but never took a real stand on any issue. His speech was full of statements that he knew liberals and conservatives alike would be able to relate to and agree with.

Re-election seems to be the number one priority for the President now. Not wanting to ruffle any ones feathers, the president gave a speech that would appease the masses.

Right now our country does not need a pep-talk. We need someone that is action oriented to start implementing changes rather than just talking about them. We all know that our education system is failing many children, we all know that our troops need to come home, we all know that the deficit needs to be taken care of. We all know what the problems are and we need to hear about solutions.

We need a President that is not afraid to take a stand. A president that is not afraid to take some action.

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