The Conservative Future Turns 14

By ConcernedConservative on February 19, 2010

Jonathan Krohn has the nation talking. He’s not outrageous, demanding fame and attention. Rather he’s fourteen and an outspoken conservative. Last year Krohn was nationally heard in his 3 minute CPAC speech about grassroots conservatism. Now he’s about to release his second book.

Krohn’s idea of a conservative society includes constitutional regard, respect for life, less government and personal responsibility. Mike Gallagher, nationally syndicated radio host said of Krohn, “Any time I am depressed about the state of our country or the future of the modern conservative movement, I consider two words: Jonathan Krohn. If America’s future leadership includes this smart-as-a-whip phenom, we’re going to be just fine.”

The young Georgian has been recognized as gifted since about first grade when he took an IQ test with astounding results. In the very recent past, he has caught the attention of conservative leaders Newt Gingrich, Mike Gallagher, Jon Stewart, Ann Coulter, William Bennett, and Lisa De Pasquale among others.

Jonathan Krohn

Jonathan Krohn

When asked about his political future, Krohn said that he doesn’t intend to run for office, but is working on getting his own political radio talk show. Some are hopeful that his future will include a presidential campaign, calling for “Jonathan Krohn, 2032!”

Although Krohn won’t be able to even vote for at least four more years, we expect big things from him in the near and distant futures.

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