The Disappointment of the State of the Union

By ConcernedConservative on January 28, 2010

Who would have guessed that we would walk away from President Obama’s State of the Union Speech with nothing but more empty promises? Oh wait…I would have guessed exactly that!

Our nation has some extremely important issues that need to be tacked, we have discussed what should have been talked about.  It seems like he would have no time for inconsequential items of business considering he was faced with a whole war, a failing economy, a huge national deficit and a health care plan that is spiraling out of control.

But, avoiding the most important facts was just something that Obama had to do.  He needs to deliver those emotion ladden speeches and address issues that he believes will make him popular, not the ones that show how little he has done.

So, he addresses the don’t ask don’t tell policy?! I am so glad that the representation from our armed forces refused to stand an applaud this ridiculous statement.

In the middle of a controversial war that is causing a lot of grief in the branch of the armed services, it is very audacious that he believes he is going to overturn this policy. 

How about instead of focusing on the gay community being able to be openly gay in the armed services, we focus on saving the lives of thsoe that are already fighting?

But, this is a typical Obama move.  He knows the populations that he has to target, he knows who he will most likely be able to get votes from and he is going to appeal to them all that he can.

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