The Oval Office Makeover

By ConcernedConservative on September 3, 2010

While our President took some time off by vacationing at a luxurious farm, the interior decorators at the White House stayed busy.  His West Wing office was completely re-decorated.  Although the White House says that this West Wing renovation came at no cost of the tax payers, they will not say how much this new look cost.

Why would our President decide to re-decorate his office during these times of economic struggle? It just does not make any logical sense to re-decorate when his people are losing homes and struggling financially.  With the vast amount of economic knowledge that our President has, it seems he would be sensitive to the many Americans that are struggling.

Although redecorating his office does not make him a horrible president, it does seem to show a complete lack of tact and propriety.  Empathizing with his people during a time of economic hardship seems to be absolutely necessary.  Instead, he ostracizes those struggling even more by parading the wealth of the white house shamelessly.

What happened to a president for the people? Or even of the people?

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