Van Jones Resigns as Green Jobs Czar

By ConcernedConservative on September 8, 2009

The openly Communist Van Jones resigned as Green Jobs special adviser to President Obama this weekend. Of course, the major news networks did not pick this story up, only Fox News. Controversy has surrounded this creep from the moment he came into this position. Good thing there is literally NO vetting process for these czars, as a simple Google search would have given the administration enough reason not to hire him.

His remark that all Republicans are “assholes” really helped do him in. Because of course, the party in the minority trying to be heard must be the assholes, not the party in the majority bullying them around and passing legislation without their votes. Good job on that one Van. Good riddance, this guy is nuts and created a total of ZERO green jobs in his tenure as green jobs adviser. Why? They have been spending the last 6 months trying to define what a “green job” actually is.

Anyone else think this couldn’t have come any sooner? I wish this guy had never been around the President. But that’s the Obama way. Surrounds himself with his sycophants and cronies to do his bidding, whether they have paid their taxes or not. This administration has got a lot of problems, not the first of which start at the top. You are who you associate with. Obama’s friends with Van Jones, Jeremiah Wright and plenty of other sketchy characters. You decide who he is.

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