Voting Results

By ConcernedConservative on November 3, 2010

The day after everyone is able to vote is an exciting day. As you watch to see which officials were elected take the time to offer a prayer of thanks for your ability to vote. The United States may have some crazy leaders in power right now, but we have been blessed with the ability to freely express our political opinions.

As a United States Citizen it is your responsibility to get out there and vote. To be a part of the public sphere and contribute your opinion is not only a right but an expectation. We have men and women all over the world fighting to defend these rights and values that are unique in our world today.

If you did not vote yesterday, get ready to vote for the next election. Register and educate yourself concerning the candidates that you are able to cast your vote for. If we all contribute to these votes and this society we may be able to see a radical change in our government in the next few years.

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