Where Are The Protestors Now?

By ConcernedConservative on October 26, 2009

Was it not even a year ago that anti-war protesters could be found just about anyday anywhere in the country?  “Support our troops: bring them home!” we heard over and over again.  Obviously these protesters truly cared about the troops fighting for this “false cause.”  Yet, if that is true, where are the protesters now? 

Since Obama has been elected President, people seem to care much less about the war, at least protests are rarely seen or heard about.  Did they really care about the war going on in Iraq in the first place?  Or was the war just an excuse to get Bush out of office?  We all know the left will do anything to create a monster out of the right, even if that requires picking a cause that really isn’t their primary focus, as long as it makes the right look bad.   This is precisely what happened.   

The United States still has an estimated 130,000 troops in Iraq not to mention the 68,000 troops that will be in Afghanistan by the end of the year.  If the left was outraged with a republican president keeping troops in the East, how are they not infuriated with their chosen one Obama?  Did he not make promises to get troops out of Iraq?  Was that not one of his primary campaign promises?  It was.  In fact, on a radio interview, Obama told Chicago radio host Roland Martin that the first thing he would focus on if elected as commander in chief would be to “bring our troops home.”

Obama announced earlier this year that he would be sending an additional 21,000 troops to Afghanistan.  The authorization by the white house and the pentagon of the deployment of 13,000 troops in addition to his original statement was not announced however.  This would bring the total increase approved by Obama to 34,000.  This hardly sounds like bringing our troops home.

I again, ask the question where are the protesters now?  Democrats need to stop trying to make Republicans look bad so they will look good.  It’s fine to disagree, and protest, it is part of what makes our country so great.  But do not protest something for insincere reasons.  It’s cowardly and it’s a cheap.

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