Who Gets Credit?

By ConcernedConservative on May 20, 2011
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Obama is getting a lot of credit these days. The killing of bin Laden is undoubtedly a feather in his cap that he will be able to use to leverage various political agendas in the next little while.

However, the question has emerged, “who gets the credit really?” While Obama was the one who made the call, the Seals were the ones who actually did the job. These men performed a dangerous operation and pulled it off despite the long odds. And the information that was eventually gained was a result of the work that President Bush did over the last decade.

It’s kind of an interesting dilemma.

One thing is for sure. this issue is something that can be easily leveraged in any direction. Obama is the person who stands to gain the most from the operation, but now the media is using the Navy Seals as political influences to supplement their overall views, while debate rages around them.

Donald Trump Will Not Run

By ConcernedConservative on May 18, 2011
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Well, scratch our last. Donald Trump announced this week that he would not be seeking a run for the presidency after all.

Trump cited various reasons for not running, mostly bringing up his love for business and other pursuits. This announcement will cause the poll numbers for the other Republican candidates to shift, as they wait for a clear frontrunner to emerge from the pack.

This is an interesting instance of the possibility of wielding better political position and power outside of politics, since official office has a unique set of constraints that is attached to it.

We wish Mr. Trump well, and congratulate him on the ability to shake up the political arena with the possibility of a Presidential run.

President Obama’s Healthcare Plan In Trouble

By ConcernedConservative on May 12, 2011
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It was announced on Thursday that President Obama’s health care plan was dealt a big blow when major medical provider deemed it “so complex it’s unworkable”.

An umbrella organization made up of major providers and major player in the health care debate called the plan “unfeasible” and announced that 90% of their members would not be participating in propose changes.

It is expected that the administration will quickly back off on this point, due to the overwhelming response that is being put forward by this group of organization.

This will undoubtedly have long term ramifications, and will greatly damage President Obama’s ability to push through with his plan.

Donald Trump for President?

By ConcernedConservative on May 10, 2011
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Donal Trump said that he will announce by June if he is going to try to get the Republican nomination for president of the United States.  There are many people in the United States that believe he has traits that could make him a good president but not all of the traits that are necessary.

Before Osama Bin Laden was killed a poll showed that Americans may not believe that he is honest but they do believe that he can stimulate the economy and he would be able to handle a crisis.  Less than 35% of Americans believe he has the necessary skills and traits to be the President of the United States.

But, let’s be real here.  Donald Trump is a business man that has made a LOT of money in his life time.  That is NOT all that is needed to run a country! It is important to understand that this man has not only been successful throughout his business life but he has also filed for bankruptcy more than once.  Although we cannot look for perfection in any candidate we must understand that is necessary to have a Republican candidate that has some type of public repertoire in politics!

We must understand the importance of nominating a man or a woman that can be taken seriously internationally. We do not want the United States to crumble the way California did when Rep. Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor.

Let’s be smart with our vote here people! Find the man or the woman that is right for the job and that you know you will be able to fully support.

Obama’s 2012 Leverage

By ConcernedConservative on May 4, 2011
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No matter what your political stance is, you have to admit that the death of Osama bin Laden was a huge victory for President Obama. The death of the terrorist leader was a military success, and it was a political victory.

Interestingly, the situation seems to mirror the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003. George Bush had a year left on his term, and the news of Saddam’s capture helped contribute to his reelection the next year.

It seems doubtful that Donald Trump stands much chance of election now, having been thoroughly trounced by Obama during the Washington Correspondent’s dinner, and having the news of Bin Laden’s death touch down a couple of days after.

We may have to expect that Obama will be able to leverage this into a second term. For better or worse, this positoning is certainly going to be used for political advantage.

Buried at Sea

By ConcernedConservative on May 2, 2011
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The celebration over the death of Bin Laden has echoed throughout the United States. A man that committed mass atrocities and planned the single greatest terrorist attack on the United States was killed by U.S. Forces.

He was not the only casualty of the attack. A woman was used as a human shield to try to protect Bin Laden from the onslaught. She was killed and another adult male was also killed.

After Bin Laden was killed he was buried at sea. There are many people that have questions about why the military decided to put his body to rest in the ocean. According to Muslim tradition and beliefs a body is to be buried within one day of death.

The military was respectful of the Muslim customs and laid the body to rest in the water to appease these beliefs.

Interestingly, Adolf Hitler’s death was announce don May 1, 1945. Exactly 66 years later Bin Laden’s death was announced in the United States. There are many people that are worried about a retaliation and the CIA made an announcement saying that the terrorists “almost certainly will attempt to avenge” the death of Osama bin Laden.

There have not been any alerts issued by the CIA and there will not be any alerts issued until there is a credible threat.